Bungalow & Mobile Home



The camp site was opened in 1962 by brothers Luciano and Fernando Tomasi. They had had the idea of putting to use a piece of their family's land on which were the remains of a never opened lido.
With great effort and personal sacrifice the brothers prepared the ground, and started receiving their first guests from Holland, Germany and Italy who were visiting the lake with their tents and caravans, though at the time the latter were still rare.
A few years later they opened a small bar and set up the bungalows.
Eventually, in 1989 Fernando sold his share of the business to Luciano, who together with his family still runs the camp site today.
When the time came to choose the camp site's name Fernando and Luciano decided upon one already in existence within the family - Fleiola – an acronym made up of the initials of their paternal grandparents, aunts, uncle and father, in order of age, oldest to youngest.

F Ferdinando


L Lidia        


E Elvira      


I Ilda           


O Odone    


L Lidia         


A Arrigo      



No wonder we say that our camp site is a family business – it's there in the name.
The family is made up of “founding father” Luciano, his wife Marirosa and their children Daniela and Michele, with his Dutch wife Rienke and their children Mark and Lisa.
In the office you will be welcomed by Michele and Daniela, Rienke occasionally helps out too.